Laser Particle Size Analyzer I

Basic Specification 

Size Range: 0.1-716um 
Sample Inflow Method: External peristaltic circulating and dispersing system
Repeatability: 〈1% (CRM D50)
Accuracy: 〈1% (CRM D50)
Measuring Principle: Mie scattering theory
Laser: Import optical fiber semiconductor laser
Operation System: Win XP/ Win 7
Connection Port: USB or RS232
Photodetector: 80 pcs.
Ultrasonic Power: 50 W
Tank Capacity: 500 ml
Circulating Flowrate: 1500 ml / min
Small Volume Cell Capacity: 20 ml
Small Volume Cell Agitator Speed: 120 rpm
Voltage: 220V, 50/60 HZ
Outer Dimension: 720×300×280mm

Outstanding Features 

Circulating and Dispersing System: External peristaltic circulating, dispersing and agitating system, ensures the samples can be dispersed sufficiently and test results are stable and reliable. 

Small Volume Cell Assembly System: Applies to the samples of small volume, valuable, non-aqueous medium, etc, it also can easily exchange with circulating system. 

Light Source: Adopts import semiconductor laser, regulation of output, good monochromaticity, high efficiency, long lifetime and no maintenance.

Test Report Conversion: Test results reports can be converted into general format easily such as Word, Excel, PDF, bmp, jpg, etc, and it is easy to edit, print, send emails, etc. 

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